Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Baby Bird Focus Japan

Welcome to Project Baby Bird....
Our goal is to fill tote bags with stuffies, blankets, hats, socks, scarves, a note of hope or encouragement, food, etc...anything that will bring comfort to a child in crisis.  Our goal is to reach out to children from zero to eighteen that have been affected by devastating circumstances.

Our current focus is Japan.
The first 50 tote bags are in the works.  The biggest challenge ahead of us will be to get the totes to Japan and into the arms of children as immediately as we can. 
We are trusting that God will sort these details out. 

It's amazing how time consuming mass production of these totes and stuffies are, which is why we are asking for volunteers willing to help us put these together.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have the patterns posted for anyone who would like to help us with these.  

  If you are interested please leave us a comment with your email so that we can contact you.  Even if you can only put together one or two, there is no small act.  The child that receives your tote will receive immeasurable comfort from your act of kindness.

Each tote has a pocket with a baby bird on the front of it.  We are hoping these pockets will contain notes of hope and encouragement... possibly from you?

Inside each tote will be a stuffie, a warm blanket perhaps and other donations necessary for survival.  The first donations have already came in and we are hoping to send our first totes out to Japan within the next few days.

Thanks for visiting, have a blessed day and we hope that you will consider helping Project Baby Bird....